What and Who is Agnes & Dora?

Posted by Jenny Don Carlos on

Agnes & Dora, who are they and what is this brand?

The names Agnes and Dora came from a story written by the owner's grandmother. These names represent two different, yet lovable women. You have Agnes who is the business oriented, straight-forward, savvy woman and the beloved Dora is who is the fun loving, silly friend. I resonate with this story because I would like to think that there is both an Agnes and Dora side of me! 

A&D is women's effortless, comfortable and quality apparel that truly makes you feel your best no matter what age or size. According to their website, "Our apparel honors the multidimensional woman, encouraging each of us through our growth process to find and build our own personal power. The versatility of our apparel line declares that we recognize the inherent worth and boundless potential of femininity. The A&D community promotes inclusivity through kindness, acceptance, and self-empowerment. Agnes & Dora is everyday expression for EVERY BODY."

I hope you will take a leap of faith to try this brand for yourself and if you are already a fan, I hope you will continue on this journey of experiencing your best self!